Brick and mortar is a building material used in construction. Using brick and mortar for construction is a project that should be handled by a professional mason. In order to get the perfect brick construction, certain methods must be employed, and sometimes, only professionals can use these methods during construction. Bricks will also over time require repairs and maintenance. It takes a professional to use the right method of repair so as not to disfigure the spot or damage other parts of the brick. At Milton Keynes Handyman Pros, we offer top-notch brick services that include construction, maintenance and repairs.

What Is Brick Itself

Brick is a type of block used in construction to build things like pavements, walls, floors and other types of construction. Brick is majorly made from dried clay to form the block shape. Nowadays, some other chemicals and additives are added to bricks to give it the desired effect. In construction, masons use adhesive, mortar, or interlocking method to join brick together. Bricks are flexible as you can lay them in any preferred design to give you the desired outcome. We have workers that are knowledgeable about bricks, and with their good work ethic, they will provide you with excellent brickwork.

Types Of Bricks

There are numerous types of bricks, depending on the size and the purpose it is to be used. A professional mason will know what type is best for your project. There is the clay brick which is classified into burnt and unbutton brick. The clay rock is known for its durability and flexibility into any preferred design. Another type is concrete bricks which is usually an alternative to clay bricks. Concrete bricks are made from cement, water, coarse aggregates and sand. Engineering brick is another type of brick that you can use. It is water and heat resistant and also durable. They are made using high temperature, which gives it the high-density nature it is known for. Fly ash brick is a type of brick that is made from water and fly ash. They are water and fire-resistant. Sand lime bricks are a reliable type of bricks. They can withstand a lot of weight without getting damaged or cracking. They are made out of fly ash, like and sand. Sun-dried bricks are unburnt clay bricks that have been exposed to the sun.

Maintenance And Repair Of Bricks

At Milton Keynes Handyman Pros, we offer brick maintenance and repair services. We assure you of quality service delivery. Bricks are generally known to be durable, but that does not mean you do not need maintenance and repair services from time to time. Although it requires little maintenance, you need to do some regular cleaning and spot checks for water damage. This is to ensure that it lasts you for as long as possible. Our workers are proficient in the brick construction, maintenance and repair services. They are well trained to use high-quality bricks and construction standard when handling your project. We deliver on our promise of quality service.